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Executive Board
Co-op Branch: 

Karen-Rose Gilbert, Kathryn Klingle, Elyse Schauer, Jasper Gilbeau, Yesha Shukla, Daniel Talan Morganstein, Felix Acuña Olivos,
Ellie Dumerauf, Andrew Hodge, Lauren Hersch

Auxiliary Branch: 
Beni Batiste, Anne Igoe, India Smith, Darius Goldsby, Ryan O'Malley, Dr. Nancy Burke, Dr. Charles Turk, 
Nancy Peltzman, Zak Mucha

Therapists and Community Support:
(Crisis workers, Peer Specialists, Case Managers, and additional staff coming soon!) 
*During this phase of development, our providers have limited capacity.
If you’d like to inquire about working with a specific therapist, please reach out to
and let us know who you think would make a good fit. We’ll do our best to accommodate your preference
and offer alternatives based on provider availability.*

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