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Executive Board
Co-op Branch: 

Karen-Rose Gilbert, Kathryn Klingle, Elyse Schauer, Jasper Gilbeau, Yesha Shukla, Daniel Talan Morganstein, Felix Acuña Olivos,
Ellie Dumerauf, Andrew Hodge, Lauren Hersch

Auxiliary Branch Coming March 2024
Advisory Board
Dr. Nancy Burke, Dr. Charles Turk, Nancy Peltzman, Zak Mucha

Therapists and Community Support:
(Crisis workers, Peer Specialists, Case Managers, and additional staff coming soon!) 
*During this phase of development, our providers have limited capacity.
If you’d like to inquire about working with a specific therapist, please reach out to
and let us know who you think would make a good fit. We’ll do our best to accommodate your preference
and offer alternatives based on provider availability.*

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