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Maybe your sense of purpose or meaning has gone missing recently. It could be that someone you love (or hate) is no longer here, or perhaps something you thought was a stable fixture of your life - a job, a relationship, a marriage, a friend, a pet, a community - is not so stable anymore. You don't know why, maybe you don't even know how. Waking up is hard. Daily tasks are hard. That's okay. We'll start there. Whatever the reason is, we can hold space together as we work collaboratively to build awareness, cultivate compassion toward your self no matter how your self shows up, and discover and act toward your values and desires.


I specialize in working with trauma, life transitions, grief, spirituality (including traditional/agnostic/atheist/alt/questioning/secular), and racial/ethnic identity. I have extensive experience with mindfulness and other meditation techniques. I take an exploratory, non-directive, and slow approach in therapy, to let you feel free to feel and say whatever is in your body and mind.


As a queer Asian-American Buddhist, I know what it's like to navigate complex identities, lifestyles, and cultures. In our shared space, you're welcome in all facets of your being. If you're looking for a space to explore deeply who you have been, who you are, and who you might be, please reach out.

Specialties: Trauma, Life Transitions, Grief, Spirituality, Racial/Ethnic Identity

Accepts: BCBS PPO, Aetna (forthcoming), Sliding Scale



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