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"Often as a patient we feel uneasy about being authentic, having completely unfiltered, honest talks, about how much we are truly hurting with our therapists. We hide how deep our pain really goes from those in our everyday lives and when we finally wind up in therapy there is still a wall, a fear, that this person is going to judge you if you truly open up to them. Here this is the one individual you can truly communicate your pain to and you are still holding back, fearful of their response.

Hollywood and politics uphold a stereotypical view of what therapy looks and sounds like; trying desperately to uphold an age old stigma from just ceasing to exist. Here at Rayo, we are revolutionists and challenge this antiquated view on what seeking help looks like. Dismantling out-of-date patient/provider stereotypes and offering a safe connection between patient and provider, allowing for empathy, understanding, guidance, and progress."

S.D., Recipient of Community Mental Health Services

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