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"Social Justice in Clinical Practice: The Liberation Health model is a theory of human behavior that conceptualizes the problems of individuals and families that cannot be understood in isolation from the economic, political, cultural, and historical conditions which give rise to them.

It is also a method of practice that helps individuals, families, and communities understand the personal, cultural, and institutional factors that contribute to their problem and act to change these conditions; to liberate themselves from both internal and external oppressions." More at Boston Liberation Health

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"What shall we build on the ashes of a nightmare?"

Speech by Andrew Hodge, Rayo Fall Fundraiser, 10/22/2023 I’m so thankful for everybody who has come today to take part in the building of community, one that is not new, but exceedingly rare. A commun

Redefining Community Mental Health

Speech by Ellie Dumerauf, Rayo Fall Friendraiser, 10/22/23 Part of the vision behind Rayo is to redefine what it means to be a Community Mental Health Center. We currently have two separate systems of


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