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I am a humanistic psychotherapist with a passionately collaborative and client centered approach to therapy. I incorporate multiple modalities into my practice, including EMDR. 

Living with symptoms that feel overwhelming can rupture confidence in yourself and in your ability to handle life's challenges. My goal is to help clients repair and deepen this trust in themselves over the course of therapy. No matter how great the challenges, I believe that we are all capable of growth and healing. 

You are the expert on your own situation and experiences. I aim to understand each clients' unique perspective without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

I am experienced in treating trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, OCD, PMDD and post-partum concerns. I also specialize in helping clients process history of psychiatric hospitalization, especially if these experiences have been difficult.

Insurances accepted: United, Cigna, Aetna, BCBS PPO




Phone: 336-949-7492

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